It’s not cancer – it’s Closure (TM)

Okay, so I wasn’t going to talk about politics when I started this blog, mainly because the Cameron government is so mindbuggeringly terrible that I’d get sick of the sound of my own futile screaming.

But just look at this. Look at it.

Stop malingering – it’s only chemo.

I won’t add much to this because I’m typing one handed as it is because I need the other hand to repeatedly pick my jaw up from the fucking floor, but here’s a money quote from hell.

However, the expert report says this “automatic entitlement” has encouraged dependency on benefits, “encouraging wrong behaviours from employers and stigmatising cancer as something that can lead to unemployment or worklessness”.

Yeah obviously, the worst thing about cancer is the way that it makes you look unemployable.  It’s just…wow guys. Cancer has a major image problem, you know.

We are so far through the looking glass at this point. So far.


3 responses to “It’s not cancer – it’s Closure (TM)

  1. Off-topic, but I shall be down vaguely in your woodsneck next weekend. I shall wave at you across the water.

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