Fifty Shades Fatter – Now Available in the Kindle Store!

Are you ready? It’s time for more dick jokes!


They’re back, they’re bigger, and they’re in therapy.

“…don’t you talk to me about mommy-issues, Crispian Neigh. Between the crack-whore, your nightmares and that dipsomaniac bitch who hates me…”

“…oh, like you’ve ever given her any reason to like you. You don’t even try. You just stare at your fucking thumbs and cry into your lap!”

“As if it would make any difference!” I yell. “She made up her mind to hate me the first time she saw me, all because I was taking her precious little baby away from her. Just like she hates your sister.”

“She does not hate Alicia!” screams Crispian, getting to his feet. “You take that back. Mommy loves us! Mommy loves us all!”

“She told you to go and get shanked in the prison chow line!”

“So she has a dark sense of humour!”

I shake my head. “This is beyond dark, Crispian. This is…darker. This is complicated.” Oh hot damn…and maybe a little bit…sexy? I sit down and press my knees together. He’s gazing thunderously down at me. “We have…issues,” I murmur.

“I know, right?” His brows quirk up under the shade of his fedora and I melt. Holy crap.

Dr. Quinn glances up from this month’s issue of ‘Which Luxury Yacht?’ magazine. “Yep. You do.”

Also includes bonus material, I Read Fifty Shades Darker So That You Don’t Have To.

Get it now!

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