Free e-book! Held: A New Adult Romance

I am currently doing a free run for Held: A New Adult Romance on Amazon. This will run all this week, so if you want to grab a free copy, now’s the time to do so!

The main reason for the free run is reviews. I’ve had some lovely star ratings on Goodreads (thank you!)but I’m really hoping this free run will deliver some Amazon reviews.

It’s a busy, busy digital marketplace out there – we all know that. Particularly when it comes to fast-moving genres like romance. And I think you’d be forgiven for thinking that all recommendations these days are digital – take one look at Amazon and your ‘also boughts’ and you’re looking at the most sophisticated recommendation engine in e-commerce. There’s a reason they’re the market leader.

So – say you’re browsing, right? You look at the books Amazon has recommended based on your previous choices. What’s the first thing you look at?

I know what I look at first – reviews. Is it weird to read the one star reviews first? Because I always do that. But even from the bad reviews, I begin to get a real idea of what I’m thinking of buying. Even as deep in the digital age as we are, I still believe there’s a place for good old fashioned word-of-mouth – it remains the most effective way for people to decide if they want to buy a book.

This is essentially why I’m doing this free-run this week – your opinions really do matter. There’s no substitute for them, for that wild, open, lively back and forth that has become so effortless to us online. You can’t beat that human touch, especially when you’re talking about stories – things that by their very essence are designed to move us in some way. This is why fiction itself is older than even the written word. It’s about feelings, about emotions and opinions – and not even Amazon’s astonishing engine can provide a substitute for that.

Although they are probably working on it.


3 responses to “Free e-book! Held: A New Adult Romance

  1. I would love to participate and leave you a review; however, I don’t have a Kindle device and Amazon doesn’t seem to recognize the app on my phone. (Yes, for these purposes I would even read a novel-length text on my Android screen.)

    Is there any way we could strike a deal wherein you email me a copy for good ol’ MobiPocket Reader? Or would that anger the gods of Amazon.

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