A Box Full of Ashes – now available to buy at Amazon.

It took me over twenty-two years to finally write this novel, and now it’s done.

Except it’s not, because it’s the start of a series and I’ve just started to realise the sheer scale of what I’ve had in my head all this time. It’s going to be a busy few years.

Anyway, A Box Full of Ashes – Eliot & O’Hare book one – is now available to buy in the Kindle store. If you’re tired of vampires as love interests and crave some proper old-fashioned monsters, then do I have a book for you. Liberally seasoned with stage magic, psychology, forensic pathology and lots and lots of garlic, A Box Full of Ashes is an eccentric urban fantasy in which scepticism and the usual accepted rules of reality war with the slow-burning realisation that something out there is eating people.

And it’s not so good at cleaning up after itself either.

Hope you enjoy the book.





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