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Fifty Shades links page now available

For everyone who’s here for the Fifty Shades stuff, I’ve just added a new page to the site so that you don’t have to suffer the extreme annoyance of searching WordPress tags. Fifty Shades Freed and Darker indexes will be added later, but there should be enough horrible to keep you all amused for the time being. Click the link below to go to the index page or click Fifty Shades Recaps on the page bar above.

For all your ‘When does he pull her tampon out?’ and ‘Is there anal in Fifty Shades of Grey’ search needs.  (And no. There is no anal in Fifty Shades of Grey.)


Fifty Shades Freed: Fifty Shades of Gilbert and Sullivan

Last time on Fifty Shades of Aimless Dickery, the Twilight gang went to Aspen and there was much aimless dickery, including shopping, eating and lots and lots of drinking. Kate and Elliot got engaged, Mia was Alice Cullen (only even more annoying, if such a thing is possible) and Christian punched someone in a nightclub, because what his charming personality really needed was a fresh injection of random, casual violence.  It’s going on the list.