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Review: Queen of the Nude, by Peter Galen Massey

I’m a sucker for anything Shakespeare. He’s the reason I’ve spent over a year elbow deep in the gore and guilt of Macbeth, trying to transfer something of its essence to a quiet Sussex village in 1925.

It’s lazy of me, because Shakespeare’s tragedies are easily re-imagined – big themes, resonant emotions, uncomfortable stone-cold truths of human nature. The comedies, on the other hand, are a much more slippery proposition, and none more slippery than Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Midsummer Night’s Dream is a curious little play, a sort of meta entertainment within an entertainment. The last time I think I saw an attempt to update it was when the BBC did it some years ago, with Johnny Vegas as Bottom. There were love-potions and a Centre-Parksy sort of woodland retreat and I don’t remember much else other than it didn’t really come off. Good effort, but…meh. Naturally I was curious to see someone else have a go. Continue reading