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You Are All Weirdos. Wanna e-mail?

how to see ghosts 128
tits and bums 35
how to see ghost 20
fifty shades of neigh 19
how to see spirits 17
how to see a ghost 13
how to see ghosts in real life 13
sir arthur conan doyle 12
ghosts are bullshit wordpress 7
la belle dame sans merci short story 7
the queen is nude 5
seeing ghosts 5
tits & bums

Above is just a handful of the strange things you oddballs out there come looking for. Some of the others were just too disgusting to post. I have no idea why when searching for that kind of fetish porn you would need to specify that the lady receiving must be a crack whore, but there you go – we live in exciting (and revolting) times. While I most certainly can’t promise you naked pictures of Queen Elizabeth II (seriously, what on earth is wrong with you?) I now offer a newsletter service for anyone who wants to keep up with this blog and my latest book releases.

I will also be offering giveaways, exclusive sneak peeks at new novels and maybe tits and bums. Okay, probably not tits and bums, but you know – never say never.

To sign up, clicky clicky the link below or follow the link in the sidebar.