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Goonreads Horror Short Story Competition

Well, it’s September. Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, as Keats would have it, and season of ‘where the fuck did the rest of the year go?’ to those of us with slightly less charming vocabularies.

The hot hell-breath of NaNoWriMo may already be wafting down the back of your neck, whispering sick, wrong, dirty things – “It’s only fifty thousand words in a month,” or “You only have two kids and a full time job,” or “No, this year I’ll revise that mess. I will.”

And you hmm and haa but deep down you know you want it. You know that come November 1st you’re going to be right where you always are – sugar-high, keyboard bound and up past your bedtime.

But, say you want to ease yourself into it this year? After all, marathon runners don’t go into this thing cold. And lucky old you – Goonreads are having a short story competition that you can enter now simply by registering at the site.

Yes, it’s been a year since the beginning of Goonreads, a much smaller and altogether more…well…goony cousin of Goodreads. Those who are familiar with SomethingAwful will know what I mean by ‘goony’ – gooniness works on a sliding scale, from ‘slightly goony’ all the way up to ‘goony as gently caress’.

Fabulous Prizes!

Yes, there are prizes! The winner will receive a $50 Amazon gift certificate, to be spent on werewolf porn, zombie novels or books whose covers shamelessly abuse the Bleeding Cowboy font and then some; whatever floats your boat, you weirdo.

The Contest

The Prompts.

You have until October 5th to take these prompts and construct your tale of terror.

Register at Goonreads